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Welcome to Old McDonald's Farmers MarketsCertified Locally Grown Organic Produce • teaching young people and adults about the benefits of fruits & vegetables.

Old McDonald's Farmers Markets purpose is to teach young people as well as adults, that fruit and vegetables should be a mainstay of ones' everyday diet.

In order to help

main veggiesEvery farmer participating in our certified farmers market, grows their fruit and vegetables locally in California. Further, all farmers at our farmers
markets have a current certified Producers Certificate issued by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).

At our farmers markets, we strive to be a resource for fresh produce, healthy
eating and to promote our local community of artisans, farmers and food vendors.

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Old McDonalds Farmers Markets are sponsored by the Monastic Congregation of Saint Jude
Part of the proceeds from all sales at Old McDonald's Farmers Markets are donated directly to
this public charity.They use these funds primarily to help our homeless community.